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Benefits As A Shield Member

Community Groups

Be added to Shield WhatsApp and Telegram communities where security and safety information titbits are shared, WhatsApp Information verification and links to shield training sessions and meetings are shared. Groups are segmented based on geographical locations. Shield members get to choose which community groups to join

Live Virtual Sessions

We organize virtual in-depth training sessions every Sunday at 5pm with security and emergency personnel on topics chosen by members and additionally offer participants the chance to ask questions and seek personalized advice on ways to better protect themselves

Product Discounts

We use the bargaining power of the shield initiative and bring members discounts from various companies and agencies within the security and safety industry, medical, law and mental health industry to offer their products and services to members

In-Person Training

We organize hands-on, fully immersive training sessions that gives the full package of personal safety and emergency medical health training when faced with life-threatening situations.

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Shield Membership Registration

Age group
Which Module of training are you most interested in?
Where did you hear of the Shield Initiative from?
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