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The Fihankra Shield initiative is an open community that seeks to equip you with real-life skills and knowledge focusing on “What to do” and “How to react” during risky security emergencies, medical emergencies and mental health challenges whether it happens at home, school or in the workplace

We are here to teach you how to protect yourself in security, medical and legal emergencies

Be Prepared, Always

Ever been robbed, burgled or attacked? Tell us how it happened. (So we know how to train you)


Thanks for sharing! We are sorry you had to go through that

Signing up is free. Let our community teach you how to  protect yourself and your family better in emergency situations 

Image by Gift Habeshaw

Who is the Shield Initiative meant for?

Fihankra Shield initiative is built for people who care about their safety and security.


A community of everyday people which consists of young people, students, parents, tourists and educators, medical professionals, security analysts and psychologists.

Emergency Situations You Receive Training On

Workout Facility





What training would you want us to cover first?

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Shield Trainers

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We create access to the best safety, medical and psychological professionals, tools and training to enable you protect yourself and your loved ones and feel safe wherever you are.


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